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The terms of using Lux Express taxi voucher in Tallinn

The terms of using Lux Express taxi voucher

1. To certify prepaid services for a taxi, the customer will be provided a taxi voucher together with their bus ticket by Lux Express. This voucher has to be provided to the taxi driver in the taxi stop at the start of the taxi trip to verify that the taxi services are paid for;

2. The starting point for the taxi service is the taxi parking lot on the territory of the Tallinn Coach Station which is next to the arrival area for buses;

3. The passenger using the taxi service is required to provide their taxi voucher to a Takso24 taxi driver, who is waiting in the taxi stop based on the taxi order (note the location mentioned previously);

4. In case a passenger wishes to make changes to their taxi order or not to use the service after paying for it, they are required to contact the Lux Express sales office in Tallinn;

5. The taxi driver providing the taxi service is required to check the zone information on the taxi voucher and confirm that the destination of the customer matches the zone on the voucher;

6. If the final destination of the taxi is outside the first zone „City Centre“  and the voucher is for zone 1, the customer will be required to pay the difference of 2.50 EUR directly to the taxi driver;

7. In case the voucher is for zone 2 „throughout Tallinn“ and the destination is the City Centre, the difference is not going to be reimbursed neither by Lux Express Group or Takso24;

8. If you have any questions, please contact Lux Express customer support on the phone number +372 680 0909.