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Press release: Lux Express loyalty program changes, discounts will depend on the number of trips


13 March 2014

Lux Express loyalty program changes, discounts will depend on the number of trips

BalticMiles loyalty program that offers discounts for regular customers on Lux Express routes joins the new loyalty concept PINS. This will bring some important changes to the discount system employed on local Estonian and international routes of Lux Express.

In November of 2013 Lux Express started to operate Tallinn-Tartu, Tallinn-Narva and Tallinn-Pärnu routes. The company’s customers who have joined BalticMiles loyalty program were subject to a uniform 25% discount applicable to local Estonian routes.  

“From 14 March we will link the customer loyalty program with frequency of trips – the more a person travels, the larger discount he or she will get,” says the chairman of the management board of Lux Express Group Mr. Hannes Saarpuu. “Our loyal customers – and we already have ca. 25,000 of those on local Estonian routes alone – will be able to purchase tickets with 15-, 30- or 40-percent discount depending on the number of trips they take”.

The basis of the discount applied to the customers who have joined PINS program is the number of trips taken during the previous 12 months on all local Estonian and international routes operated by Lux Express.

In order to qualify for the 15-percent discount a person who joins the customer loyalty program should take at least 10 trips during the past year. At least 25 trips qualify for the 30-percent discount, while customers with more than 40 trips will receive the 40-percent discount.

By renewing of the loyalty program and all its conditions Lux Express puts ten virtual trips on accounts of all customers who have joined the program earlier. The virtual trips are added to the number of actual trips made since 14 November of 2013 and serve as the basis for calculation of the discount.

“The changes we introduce automatically apply the 15-percent discount to all our loyal customers,” says Hannes Saarpuu. “If a person has made at least 15 trips since November 2013 to this day, the ticket will be 30 percent cheaper, and if there were more than 30 trips, the ticket will be 40 percent cheaper”.

The 15-percent discount will apply to those joining the new PINS loyalty program upon activation of the customer card.

PINS loyalty program will not affect any age-based discounts applied by Lux Express on local Estonian routes. Different discounts cannot be combined while purchasing a ticket.

Discounts based on the number of trips applied on the same grounds also work on all international routes of Lux Express.

Customers of PINS loyalty program collect PINS for the trips they make. The value of PINS is equal to the value of previously used BalticMiles points (1 point = 1 PINS). PINS can be used to purchase Lux Express tickets and gifts from other companies participating in the loyalty program. Any existing BalticMiles points are automatically converted into PINS.

PINS program membership is proven by a personal magnetic card. In the near future our customers will also be able to use a smartphone application for Android and iOS platforms. The new PINS loyalty card will be mailed to all current BalticMiles customers; current loyalty card numbers also remain valid.

According to the statistics gathered by Lux Express in January and February on local Estonian routes, 32 percent of ca. 112,000 passengers have used the current loyalty program discount.

Such companies as Sushi Silk, Optiline Grupp, Arensburg Hotel & SPA, GOSpa, Nordea Pank, Viimsi Tervis SPA, Grand Rose SPA, Sangar, IM Arvutid, Sokisahtel and many others have joined PINS loyalty program in Estonia besides Lux Express and AirBaltic.

PINS program has over 700 local, international and online partners. The full list of partners along with discount conditions can be found at or on Lux Express website at PINS program is operated and managed by Coalition Rewards with its headquarters in Riga.