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Lux Express will continue to serve passengers on the Helsinki-St Petersburg and Tallinn-St Petersburg route


Lux Express continues to serve passengers on the Helsinki-St Petersburg and Tallinn-St Petersburg route.

Russian authorities have temporarily suspended the international transport license for ZAO Evrolains, which belongs to Lux Express Group.

Yesterday, on January 2nd, the Russian border guard did not allow ZAO Evrolains to cross Finnish-Russian border. The reason given was that international transport license has been temporarily suspended.

Temporary suspension of the license concerns only ZAO Evrolains departures.

All departures planned on Tallinn - St Petersburg route will take place. As a temporary solution, ZAO Evrolines has organized replacement coaches to the border. Due to this matter, passengers may experience discomfort in the process of crossing the border and delays in the time-tables.

"Serving of all passengers is our number one priority. All of our team is currently working on seeking the best solutions for our clients. We have ordered replacement buses, organized trains and bus tickets to other carriers and, if necessary, we have also accommodated travelers, " commented the Lux Express Sales Manager Sander Lõhmus and apologized for the inconveniences.

At the end of yesterday’s workday Lux Express received formal notice from Russian authorities to ZAO Evrolains that their license has been temporarily suspended due to some shortcomings in the company's activities. "Some time ago we got a list of minor deficiencies of our services and the settlement date was set for three months. The act was signed by our representative on December 26, 2016. These shortcomings did not have any affect on offering high-quality and safe travel service for our customers," commented Lux ​​Express Sales Manager Sander Lõhmus.

International transportation license suspension came as a surprise to the company. "We are extremely sorry for the situation and we apologize for all the problems. We will do everything possible to eliminate the deficiencies as soon as possible and we will do everything we can in order to carry all passengers " told Lõhmus.

ZAO Evrolains operates St.Petersburg - Helsinki route three times per day and Tallinn - St Petersburg has up to five departures daily.

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