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Lux Express launches new route to Warsaw for business travelers


Press release

13th of July, 2015

Taking into account the needs of the market for business class facilities on board, the largest operator of international express coach routes in the Baltic region Lux Express is expanding the number of routes and launching a new route Vilnius-Warsaw. It will become another option to reach the capital city of Poland every day in addition to three existing routes by Simple Express.

With this new route Lux Express managed to fill an early morning departure gap in a current timetable for that route.

“Current Lux Express routes Vilnius–Riga and Riga–Tallinn have recently undergone a great success. Our corporate sales in Lithuanian market during the first half of 2015 increased by 62 percent comparing with the same period last year. This experience and practice, growing market and a need for a convenient travel option encouraged us to start a new route from Vilnius to Warsaw. We hope that it will become a valuable offer for business travelers, who seek to use their time wisely and want the guaranteed level of comfort during their journey“, – says Hannes Saarpuu, CEO of Lux Express Group.

During the first half of this year, the Lux Express route Vilnius–Riga–Vilnius has attracted 14.3 percent more travelers comparing to the same period last year. Route Tallinn–Riga–Tallinn in the first half of the 2015 year increased the number of travelers by 16,5 percent comparing with the same period in 2014.

In comparison with year 2013 results of 718 200 carried passengers, last year (2014) Lux Express company carried 1 646 400 passengers – more than double.

“These figures indicate that bus travel market is expanding and Lithuanians also increasingly prefer traveling by bus. But also the need for more facilities on board is growing. We do believe that better travel conditions and greater comfort are one of the main reasons why travelers are choosing buses more often”, - adds the CEO of Lux Express Group.

Because of that Lux Express is giving a great importance by providing the best business class services in Vilnius–Warsaw–Vilnius route. During the approximately 7 hours trip from one city to another, the passengers of Lux Express Special coach bus can enjoy comfortable leather seats with plenty of legroom, suggesting the one row of single seats for even better comfort. Other advantages include individual radio, a selection of hot drinks, and internet connection with power sockets.

Travellers of the new Vilnius-Warsaw route also named business class advantages. Karolis, who is living in Warsaw for 5 years, said that the comfort during the trip is very important to him: “I often have to travel from Vilnius to Warsaw, because of that I am very glad that this new route appeared. Its price is relatively low, but at the same time it offers all the necessary facilities. I always wanted to sit alone, to get hot and tasty coffee and, of course, the internet. Now I have my working computer, so during the travel I have time to work, and in the afternoon I can go directly to the office, " - says Lux Express passenger.

Other passengers named the convenient departure time as one of the biggest advantages. "We chose the trip due to the early time - it was the only convenient time to travel to Warsaw that we could find. However, we were surprised not only about the attractive prices, but also of the very convenient and comfortable bus. It’s really like the business class at the plane", - says Jadwiga Provlocka, traveling to Warsaw airport.

The regular price for a one-way trip on a new route Vilnius-Warsaw-Vilnius starts from 25 euros. During the route opening campaign (07.13-07.19) people have the opportunity to buy the tickets for 10eur/40PLN. Discounted price is valid for departures until 08.31.

Lux Express coach bus will depart from Vilnius bus station at 06:40 h every day with an additional stop at a station near Panorama shopping center. The coach bus will leave from Panorama station at 7:00 h. The departure from Warsaw Zachodnia station will be scheduled at 15:10 h every day. The coach bus will additionally stop at Warsaw Centralny 04 station departing from the station at 15:30 h.

Currently people traveling from Vilnius to Warsaw can choose from three route options, which are operated under the Simple Express trademark. The buses from Vilnius to Warsaw depart three times per day at 14:45, 17:00 and 22:30 h. They reach Warsaw correspondingly at 22:25, 23:30 and 06:00 h. Travelers from Warsaw can choose from three departure times as well. The buses leave Warsaw at 06:05, 23:05 and 23:40 h and arrive in Vilnius respectively at 15:50, 08:45 and 08:15 h.

About the company

Lux Express Group is the largest international express routes operator in the Baltic region who offers the most frequent connections in Baltic States to St. Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk. Our coaches also travel to Prague, Helsinki and Berlin. Lux Express Group offers the coach services of Lux Express, Lux Express Lounge, Lux Express Special and Simple Express, visas, insurances and ferry tickets. The company's turnover last year reached 21 million euros, while the net profit – 2,5 million euro.
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