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Lux Express introduces new luxury coaches


This season Lux Express will launch brand new lounge coaches to the Tallinn-Riga and Tallinn-St.Petersburg routes. This introduction of new generation comfort to the market will also add departures to these popular international routes resulting in a more convenient timetable.

New high quality coaches will arrive in the beginning of summer. Hannes Saarpuu, chairman of the board of Lux Express, acknowledges, that expectations of passengers are constantly on the rise and this demands constant investments into modern and comfortable coaches. „Our passengers await flexibility, comfort and privacy and this makes us constantly to meet their needs and even exceed them. Thus we will launch the brand new top quality coaches on the international routes, with additional seats in the private Lounge area“, Saarpuu stated.

Lounge seats are in demand ever since they were introduced to the market. The Lounge coaches that operate on the Tallinn-Riga route today, have 30 regular and 10 Lounge seats. New coaches will have 15 Lounge seats and there will be 5 of them on Tallinn-Riga route and one on Tallinn-St.Petersburg route.

Starting from 3rd July Lux Express will add 2 daily departures to Tallinn-Riga route and some existing departures will be amended. „The modern passenger is not willing to set his day around the timetable of a coach or a train, today people expect flexibility and choice, thus we have decided to meet their needs with up to 13 daily departures on Tallinn-Riga route,“ Saarpuu explained.

Saarpuu admits the main competitor for public transport today are cars, and the goal of Lux Express is to get people away from the cars and into their top quality coaches. „We have succeeded in Tallinn-Riga route, and we will continue to constantly influence the other routes, both Estonian domestic and our international“, Saarpuu added.

Lux Express coaches are on average 3 years old, and all coaches are exchanged after 5-6 years of operating in the company´s fleet.

New high quality coaches are custom-built for Lux Express. The coaches have 45 seats, 15 of them in the Lounge part, double seats in one row and single in another. All new coaches will naturally offer all equipment that passengers are already familiar with, like personal touch screen media pads, adjustable seats with seat belts, electrical sockets, large foot area etc. There is also a vending machine for hot beverages, free WIFI, A/C and toilet.

Lux Express is an estonian company with an international reach, with the aim to offer top level comfort in bus transport.