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Lux Express board gained three new members


The council of Lux Express decided to elect three new board members – the company’s former employees Janno Ritsberg, Paul Kristjan Lilje and Rait Remmel.


According to the chairman of the board Hugo Osula, the company is expanding the board with the aim to strengthen positions on the three main strategic markets – the Baltic states, Estonian inner lines and international lines starting from Saint Petersburg, and to find new business opportunities in the changing travel and mobility industry.


“Lux Express in starting a new developmental stage. We are eagerly waiting for positive news regarding the national lines of Lithuania and Latvia opening for free competition,” said Osula. “Lux Express, as every other travel or ride sharing service provider is looking into an exciting future where different mobility services and platforms are joining and cooperating. We need a vision, bold ideas and quality execution to develop the company – this is one of the main reasons why we decided to expand the management board,” added Osula, the owner of Mootor Grupp.


Janno Ritsberg has worked in Lux Express for nearly 7 years and has over that time managed subsidiaries in Lithuania and Latvia.


Paul Kristjan Lilje who joined Lux Express team last spring has nearly 10 years of previous experience in the telecom industry as the Elion TV and content area manager and Levikom board member, and before that he was in the music industry for almost 10 years.


Rait Remmel has worked in Lux Express for nearly 10 years managing the Lux Express subsidiaries in Lithuania, Russia and Finland.


As of now, the Lux Express board has five members – Age Käos, Hugo Osula, Janno Ritsberg, Paul Kristjan Lilje and Rait Remmel.


Lux Express is an Estonian company with international scope offering top quality and comfortable travel services in Estonia, the Baltic states, Poland, Finland and Russia.